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Common Questions and Answers

Q:  How do I check/update my contact phone number, email or other account information?

To update an email address, phone number or other contact information with the club for important news and announcements, please log into your Sports Connect account by hitting the Login button at the top right of our home page at  After you log in as a returning customer, hit the My Account button at the top right of the page, this will bring up all of your account information in the main window.  Click on the round gear icon at the top right of your account page.  Scroll up and down to view your current primary and secondary parent information, you will be able to update your account information and email addresses there.  Make sure to hit the Save button at the bottom of the window to commit your update.  This page may require you to update the gender of each parent to continue the update.  This information is how we contact you with important information, so please make sure it is correct and stays updated as things change.  Don't forget - For specific team communications from your coach or parent manager, you will need to update your team manager (Travel) or commissioner (K-2nd) with your new information.  They will be emailing you directly, not through the club email or website tools.  Thanks!!

Q:  My son or daughter has gone on to high school or is no longer playing with Revere Soccer Club's youth programs, how do I remove myself from the email list?

Revere Soccer Club uses communications tools within Sports Connect (our website and registration management tool) to send out newsletters and bulk emails to various groups of our membership.  We try very hard not to abuse this and use it primarily to make sure you are not missing important information and key opportunities for your child.  When you create an account, you are Opting In to these communications.  Our Sports Connect system is compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act laws.  At the bottom of all email newsletters and other bulk emails from one of the addresses there is an UNSUBSCRIBE link for your Primary and Secondary email addresses.  Click on these to remove each address from our bulk emailings.  It does work and flags your account to Opt Out of all future group emails.  IMPORTANT: Once you Unsubscribe, you will not receive any emails or communications from our Sports Connect tools, and may miss important information (we really like this tool).  If you need to Opt back into the email service please contact us at [email protected].   

Q:  I receive other emails about tournaments, area clinics and other soccer related stuff.  Why?

As a player/parent registered in any of our recent programs, your email does become part of your registration/membership with US Club Soccer, Ohio Travel Soccer League and Dick's Sporting Goods (the owner of Sports Connect), and possibly some of their partners based on their policies.  For all other non-Revere Soccer Club emails you might receive, you will have to use the individual Unsubscribe links provided by each source.

Q:  I made a mistake on my order, how do I remove something from my order cart?

To update your registration cart if you accidentally ordered something you don't want, you must remove it from your cart before you complete payment.  To do so, please log into your Sports Connect account by hitting the Login button at the top right of our home page at  After you log in as a returning customer, hit the My Account button at the top right of the page, this will bring up all of your account information in the main window.  Hit the Go to Cart icon beside one of your participants.  In the next window, check the Remove check box next to the order you would like to remove from your cart.  Hit the Update Cart button at the bottom to remove the order from your cart.  You will have to start over entering the info for that player.  If you made a mistake with your order and already paid, you must notify us immediately at [email protected] to be considered for a refund.  See our Refund Policy in the Site Links section below.  

Q:  Why is my online credit card payment failing?

Your online account home address is automatically put into the Billing address when you reach the payment page.  If the address you entered for your account does not match your billing address for your credit card, the transaction will fail.  Make sure you modify your billing address to EXACTLY match the one that goes with your credit card to avoid this.  

Q:  Why are the registration deadlines so early for Travel Soccer?

A:  Excellent question!  These dates are put in place to make sure we can meet the Team Declaration and Player Registration deadlines set by the League.  We cannot declare our teams unless all the players have signed up.  Help us out, register early!

Q: What can I do in the winter to keep my child's skills sharp?

A: Teaching yourself to juggle a soccer ball and passing to yourself against a basement wall are two skills that you can do at home that will catapult your game to higher levels, without spending a penny or driving a mile.  Watch some YouTube videos demonstrating tricks and techniques to keep things challenging and creative.  Spending some time developing these fundamental skills will help you decide what else you should invest time and money in.  We also recommend Revere Soccer Club's Winter Footskills program to put these skills into practice.  As your child gets older, many travel team parent managers take their teams to local indoor soccer and Futsal leagues to add a little competition.  Please feel free to ask if you want to know what else you can do for your young soccer player.

Q: How does RSC place players on teams?

A: There are many factors involved with team formation and player placement, however, the primary factor is how many kids sign up to play soccer.  Recently our numbers have been about 280+ players across two dozen or so travel teams from U9 thru U14.  As a community program, our primary goal is NOT to build winning teams or serve the needs of individuals, it is to provide an environment where everyone has a chance to play soccer and to develop their individual soccer skills.  As a small community we can only work with the numbers we have, and as a result, we form as many teams as make sense and place them in the appropriate divisions.  The system we use works well and all parents are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings if they would like to see how things come together for their child.  Just keep in mind, our goals are not to provide the best possible experience for individual players, but to provide the best program we can for ALL 280+ players.  

Q: What can I do as a parent to help my child be successful in soccer?

A:  If you are asking yourself this question, then it is also important to ask yourself, "What are my goals here, and what are my child's goals?  Are they different?".  Are you trying to manufacture a college scholarship athlete, give your child the opportunity to participate on the High School team if they want to, or just have fun and get some exercise with their classmates?  We highly recommend you start with fun and re-evaluate this question every season as your child evolves at their own pace.  Most of the highly successful soccer players in our community are self motivated and have a passion for the game.  It can't be bought and coaches don't give it to players, they develop it on their own with their friends, and it can dramatically change between K & 12th grades.  The best we can do as parents to help them grow is to provide them with the opportunity to develop their own passion, right in our own backyards and with friends.  Players who have time to explore their own love for soccer have a few soccer balls, some cones, a makeshift soccer goal, generous outside time, a wall in the basement, or any other means to enjoy soccer on their own terms.  With our Fall, Winter and Spring programs, Revere Soccer Club offers opportunities to play with your friends, right here in Revere, at a reasonable cost.  If you feel you need more, we are surrounded by facilities, training and programs of all types.  Just ask, we are happy to help you find one that is right for you.  Most importantly, if you are really serious about helping your child grow with soccer, get involved.  It takes parents with passion to maintain a quality soccer community.

Q: Should I join a "Premier" soccer club in addition to playing with Revere?

A: Make sure you take the time to think about the question above before you try to answer this one.  Unlike Revere Soccer Club, Premier clubs are for-profit businesses, with their own agendas, and vary greatly from club to club, age group to age group and team to team.  Make sure you think about what you are looking for, get several opinions and compare various options.  Questions to ask yourself are:  Where are outdoor and indoor practices held?  Who is the coach and how often do coaches rotate?  What league to they play in?  Can my child still participate with Revere Soccer Club also?  Does my child fit in with the team?  Do the other parents have similar goals to mine?  What do parents on the team say about the club?  Does this club meet mine and my child's goals?  Most premier programs will allow your child to practice with them a few times prior to making a decision so that you can get a feel for each other.  Most allow you to try-out all year round.  Please don't hesitate to come to one of our monthly meetings and get some opinions from those of us who have gone through this same challenge before.  

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