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  - 66.6% of our complaints stem from parents missing registration deadlines . . . and then for some reason . . . its still our fault.

  - 33.3% of them are a result of parents accepting the Refund Policy, then not being happy about it. . . yep, still our fault.

Weird, huh?   Not bad for only three complaints though.  : )

Tip of the Day:  Turn on smart phone, set a recurring calendar alert for every May 15th "Register for Fall Soccer", and another one on October 15th "Register for Spring Soccer!", celebrate with a Venti Mocha-spresso-chino-latte! 

   "We should have registered early . . ."

Revere Soccer Club is an all volunteer, non-profit, charitable organization serving the children of the Revere Local School District.  The volunteer community members that bring this great sport to your child are parents just like you!  Not only do they donate their valuable time, but also their Revere Pride, to make it possible for over 450 Kindergarten thru 8th graders to play the great game of soccer, in the best community of the world.  Click on the picture at the bottom right of this page to see some of our satisfied customers.

We take a lot of pride in bringing you the best program we can and are the first to admit it is far from perfect, but we do believe that you have one of the very best community oriented soccer programs in Ohio right now.   We can't please every parent and every player, all the time, this is not a practical goal for a community organization.  We do, however, encourage constructive feedback and welcome parents who want to be involved in one of the most successful organizations in Revere.  Please understand we are doing the best we can, but if you have a need, don't hesitate to contact us.  If you are not happy with the best we have to offer, please join us as a volunteer and help make it better, or just go play somewhere else.


Your fellow community members at Revere Soccer Club
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